(Available daily from 11am-3pm)

Snacks & Shareables

Bacon ‘N Eggs

Smoked pork belly. house-made deviled eggs.     9.95

Truffle Fries

Hand-cut Idaho potatoes. truffle infused oil. parmesan cheese. sea salt           $9.95

Fried Pickles

Crispy pickle planks. Cackalacky BBQ ranch VG    $9.95

Cocklin’ Calamari

Sesame and ginger dusted. flash fried. wasabi aioli. Sriracha      8.95

Charred Brussel Sprouts

Truffle oiltossed. fresh parmesan VG         7.95

Spread Your Wings

Six smoked char-grilled jumbo wings        7.50

Choice of Cheerwine BBQ, truffle sea salt. or honey hot sauce

Kicken’ Pimento cheese

Sharp cheddar, Monterey Jack. blended with smoked jalapeiio, Ritz crackers (GF: celery + carrots available)        5.50

Chick Pea/Kale Hummus

House-made, served w carrots and celery            5.50

Fried Green Tomatoes

Cornmeal fried green tomato. topped with house-made pimento cheese blended with smoked jalapeiio        6

Soups & Salads

Soup of the Day

Cup   4.50 I Bowl      8

Garden & Grill

Grilled romaine, chicken breast. caramelized onions, fried green tomatoes. apple wood bacon bits, fresh parmesan.
Caesar dressing.         10.95

SUB: Salmon, grilled portobello, shrimp, pork belly 2

Spinach & Pork Belly Salad

Fresh spinach. mushrooms. red onion. pork belly croutons. heated pork belly vinaigrette.           8.50
ADD: Shrimp. grilled portobello. salmon or chicken 6

Rooster’s Cobb Salad

Chopped romaine. grilled chicken. pork belly croutons. tomatoes. deviled eggs.
bleu cheese crumbles, red onions, bleu cheese dressing    9.95

SUB: Salmon. grilled portobello. shrimp        2

Carolina Root Salad

Quinoa. kale. red + golden beets. Carolina salad greens.

Scuppernong vinaigrette V. GF. VG 7.95 (ADD: shrimp. grilled portobello. salmon. chicken   6

Southern Salad

Mixed greens. lightly breaded fried chicken strips. freshly roasted tomatoes. corn. red peppers. smoked tomato vinaigrette            9.95

SUB: Salmon. grilled portobello. shrimp. pork belly 2

Farmer’s Salad

Mixed greens. carrots. red onion. tomatoes. cukes V. GF. VG          4 / 8


Crab Mac N’ Cheese

Pigtail pasta. jumbo lump crab. three-cheeses. wilted greens        11.95

158 Big Plate

Slow-smoked. pulled Carolina-style BBQ. three-cheese mac ‘n cheese. cote slaw. Texas toast 9.95

Turkey Pot Pie

Puff pastry shell filled with slow-smoked turkey. peas. onions. red bell pepper. celery. carrots. potatoes. smothered with turkey gravy 9.95

Shrimp Pot Pie

Puff pastry shell filled with shrimp. mushrooms. celery, onions. red bell pepper. peas. seafood Newburg sauce 10.95

Smokehouse Sampler

Two wings. two ribs. slow-smoked. pulled Carolina-style BBQ. cole slaw          12.95

Grilled Sirloin

Corn pudding. vegetable of the day       12.95

Add shrimp    6


Brisket Roll

Smoked. slow-roasted beef brisket. grilled onion. mushrooms. Swiss cheese. hard-grain mustard aioli. brioche roll 8.95

Pickled Chicken Sandwich

Pickle-brined breast. deep fried. lettuce. tomato on Texas toast       8.50

Day Boat Fish Sandwich

Local caught. chef’s selection of preparation          10.95

Smokin’ Gambler

Grilled chicken breast. country ham. house jalapeno. pimento cheese. lettuce. tomato        8.95

Milepost 9 Burger

Certified Angus beef. lettuce. tomato. pickle. onion. choice of cheese. Add Applewood bacon or a fried egg   9.95
(Marinated portobello cap available)

Rooster’s Cuban

House-smoked pulled pork. applewood bacon. pickle. mustard. Swiss cheese. griddled bread        8.95

Rooster’s Pride BBQ Pork Sandwich

Slow-smoked. pulled Carolina-style BBQ, coleslaw garnish       7.95

Rooster’s BLT

Applewood smoked bacon. lettuce. fried green tomato. Texas toast   7.95

Turkey & Brie Delight

Smoked turkey. brie. pear. served on griddled bread. hard grain mustard aioli       8.95


Hippie Chicken N’ Waffles

Crispy. boneless chicken thigh sandwiched between sweet potato waffle triangles. maple bourbon Dijon sauce (Available grilled)         9.95

Fried Bird

Mac ‘n cheese. cole slaw. Two piece – light or dark          8.95

Cast Iron Atlantic Salmon

Local caught. chef’s selection of preparation          10.95

Petite Shrimp N’ Grits

Fresh Carolina shrimp. stone-ground cheddar grits. country ham. tomato. garlic. wilted greens Southern cream sauce GF 11.95

Cajun Catfish

Cornmeal fried. smoked sausage. red beans. rice. wilted greens. Carolina Creek crawfish sauce 10.95

Crispy Flounder

Regionally caught. lightly breaded. fried. corn pudding. collards 11.95

Sweet Tooth

Banana Puddin’

Fresh bananas. pudding. wafers. whipped cream 5.95

Bread Puddin’

Baked bread. raisins. rich custard. bourbon glaze 5.95

Chocolate Dipped Bacon N’ Brownie

Chocolate sauce. vanilla bean ice cream. whipped cream      6.95

Sweet Potato Waffles

Two triangle waffles. vanilla bean ice cream. caramel sauce. whipped cream         5.95

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.